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BEST MOMENTS AT SALONE DEL MOBILE: SHOWCASING PULLCAST SURPRISES – It is not by chance ISaloni has been regarded as a benchmark tradeshow for the interior design sector. Each year, interior designers, renowned luxury brands, and eager design enthusiasts meet in the anticipation of the latest trends and innovations. The Milanese fair offers a bit of everything to everyone, and its hard work has been paying off. PullCast and the organization are no strangers: the luxury hardware brand has had the honor of being a part of this exclusive event on numerous occasions. This year was no different, and as retribution, PullCast brought in a generous cast of extra special surprises: new services and products.

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Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

A Showcase of Endless Surprises

Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

Once again, PullCast collaborated with partner brand, LUXXU, to showcase its classics and novelties as well as to promote innovative approaches to interior design, during Milan Design Week. This year, the luxury hardware brand not only premiered a considerable variety of decorative classic and new designs, characterized by a most recognizable unique aesthetic, but also presented a brand new special service: Kids Bespoke.

The experience was intense and quite memorable. Whether in person or through social media, we would like to thank you for supporting and keeping up with PullCast through the incredible adventure that is the ISaloni experience. We leave with a true feeling of mission accomplished!

Crafting Hardware Live

PullCast acts as an inspirational and empowering brand that allows interior designers and homeowners to decorate their interiors with sublime details. Accordingly, a live handcrafted performance is always a must. The in-house designer, Rui Pinto, worked on iconic pieces while visitors made their way to the stand and got to see up-close-and-personal how these exclusive adornments come to form

PullCast Families New Additions

Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

This ISaloni, many of PullCast’s fine hardware families saw an addition or two to their repertoire. These include Ocean’s Caviar, Cosmopolitan’s Skyline, and Earth’s Flow hardware families. The new Caviar model embodies the mysterious aura that the series is best known for. It is a detailed and refined object, bound to draw attention. Skyline now has two new designs, a door lever and a door pull that showcase the beauty of brass and marble in an architecturally-inspired form. Lastly, Flow is shown with a lengthier silhouette that decodes sophistication and attitude while paying homage to nature, its textures, and organicity.


Flow Door Pull + Caviar Door Lever

Douro’s Finest Inspiration

Among the new products, one stand-out was the Duorum hardware family, a series that pays tribute to one of the most magnificent landscapes in Portugal, the Douro Valley. Each piece was designed to illustrate the flowy and curved nature of its inspiration, which produces a unique visual scheme that will add richness to any furniture or door design. The Duorum pulls are made of brass and available in an aged brass finish.


Duorum Door Pull + Duorum Door Pull

Qami, an Organic Standout

The brand-new Qami also made quite a statement! Earth-inspired elements breathe form into the resilient door pull. This piece has a peculiar stadium-like shape that brims with natural textures to mimic the layered nature of tree bark and other types of roots. It is also pretty functional, owning a hollow center designed for a firm grip. Qami is also made entirely of brass.


Quami Door Pull + Quami Door Pulls

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Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

Brand New Kids Bespoke Service

Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

During the event, PullCast also shared very exciting news: the Kids Bespoke Service. A new concept that allows children to be a part of the design process, redefining customization. Imagine your infants’ drawings brought to life in the form of unique hardware objects you can use to upgrade their rooms. That is the luxury hardware brand magical proposal!


Cloud Big Drawer Handle + Bunny Drawer Handle

Besides LUXXU, PullCast also marked its presence in other partner brands’ stands. The Kids collection was a major hit in CIRCU’s exhibition, offering the world numerous approaches to decorating children’s rooms with endearing and whimsical details. The Twist series also made its way to Essential Home’s showcase matching the mid-century modern vibe of its sister brand. 

Did anything catch your eye? PullCast offers exquisite solutions suitable for home decor and hospitality interior design projects. Browse through our catalog to get to know them. For ready-to-ship items, we recommend you take a look at our online shop.

Best Moments at Salone del Mobile

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in PullCast’s journey through the Best Moments at Salone Del Mobile 2023. We were delighted to have you! Stay tuned to PullCast Blog, where we’ll keep sharing the latest news about the jewelry hardware world and other content regarding interior design. Feel free to follow us on FacebookPinterestand Instagram for more updates on those subjects.

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