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A Place to Call Home, The Best Architectural Book For You To Read!

A Place to Call Home, The Best Architectural Book For You To Read! – If you love design and architecture, then you simply can’t ignore the latest book of award-winning architect Gil Schafer entitled “A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House”.

A Place to Call Home, The Best Architectural Book For You To Read!In this latest book that’s already available on Amazon, Schafer explores the concept of home living and home building by inserting them in the day to day life! That’s why that in this book, Schafer leads the reader in a superb visual journey that showcases how some of his best past works were the result of a stunning collaboration with his clients, whose deeply personal visions of how they want to live into a physical home-help him achieve great things and great projects that ultimately led him to be considered as one of the most sought-after, highly-regarded architects of our time.

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This amazing piece of design literature follows up his bestselling book “The Great American House”, but it’s a more personal take on his design and architectural experiences, but most of all it’s a representation of his opinions about his best inspirations and projects. In the book, he reveals his distinctive approach and process by taking readers on a detailed tour of several beautifully realized houses in a range of styles located around the country. This journey is accompanied by some amazing photos that allow the reader to be transported into the work of this famous architect.

A Place to Call Home, The Best Architectural Book For You To Read!

During this amazing journey we get a better sense of who Schafer is and what architecture means to him. The reader can also find out more about where he gets his inspirations from and what drives him to create a stunning house with a timeless charm that is imbued with memory and anchored in a distinct sense of place.

A Place to Call Home, The Best Architectural Book For You To Read!

All of the projects showcased in this book clearly demonstrate this feeling and provide a superb enlightenment of what a modern traditional style of architecture should be and how it adapts to our modern day life! On this matter, you would be interested to get to know Schafer approach and opinion about Architectural Hardware. As he describes it, Hardware is a strong component for any house design and it helps elevates its style! It’s a fundamental part of the house concept and should never be ignored because it accomplishes both a decorative and functional mission!

Honor the Arts At The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit

If residential architecture is your hobby or your way of living, then you must make this purchase. It will take you on a stunning design journey that highlights amazing design principles that are explained clearly and can be applied to more modest homes!


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