8 Sensational Bathroom Design Trends 2019



8 Sensational Bathroom Design Trends 2019 ⇒  Be it the guest or the main bathroom, this is a room that must always look flawless for guests. A well-designed bathroom will cause a good impression to those who visit and provide comfort and well-being to the house owners. PullCast recommends eight amazing Bathroom Design Trends that will effortlessly create a harmonious bathroom layout that everyone will love.

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Round Glass Sinks

Bathroom Vanity Layouts


A glass vanity will create the illusion of a larger bathroom overall, while also granting the room a modern feel. Moreover, this Bathroom Design Trend tends to be practical and due to the large selection of colors and patterns to choose from, the glass sink is a perfect fit for a project that does not have a clearly defined layout yet.


Marble Walls

8 Sensational Bathroom Design Trends 2019

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Marble is one of the most timeless and elegant Bathroom Design Trends. Because of its naturally imperfect design, it can also pose as wall art and it will give the bathroom a luxurious and dramatic feel. You can always match the color of your hardware, such as the gold of our Skyline Drawer Handles, to the color of the marble in order to create a coordinated color palette.


Open Showers

Bathroom Design trends


Open showers can not only visually enlarge your bathroom but are also safer and more convenient than traditional bathtubs and showers with edges. This is one of the more popular Bathroom Design Trends, as it provides more space to shower and is overall aesthetically pleasing.


Black Accents

Bathroom Design Trends 2019


While grey was a much-preferred color during the past few years, in 2019 darker tones are becoming more popular for bathroom renovations, especially when applied to light fixtures, counter and other accents around the room, and when given a matte finish.


Pops of Color


In the midst of a monochromatic bathroom, a colorful shower wallpaper or piece of furniture has the ability to give the room a lighter ambience and improve the mood of those who are in it. This is one of most creative Bathroom Design Trends, as you are free to choose whichever colors and patterns you want.


Bathroom Artwork

Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


Choosing the right pieces of artwork for a bathroom is not always easy, There’s a need to pay attention to the color scheme of the area, so that it doesn’t look too much out of place, and to make sure there aren’t too many decorative pieces in the bathroom, otherwise it may appear messy.


Neutral Color Schemes

Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


Neutral bathrooms are great because they will never go out of style. It’s one of those classic Bathroom Design Trends that can be created whether with a monochromatic palette or by applying the same finishes to all the furniture pieces. You can also add brighter colors such as light wood, baby pink or beige, as long as you keep it neutral and coordinated.


Make It Look Like a Spa

Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


While the bathroom used to be seen as a practical and functional space, nowadays owners wish to be immersed in a Spa-like experience every time they take a bath or use their bathroom. Therefore, creating a Spa ambience by adding soothing elements such as wooden wallpaper, plants and stone details is sure to relax the body and mind and allow guests to enjoy a new experience.




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Bathroom Design TrendsBathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design TrendsBathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design TrendsBathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design TrendsBathroom Design Trends

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