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5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware

5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware ⇒ Mixing materials and finishes in cabinet hardware is certainly a viable way to add a welcoming and creative effect in one’s home interiors. When it comes to trendy finishes to use in hardware, the following five are among the favorites for interior designers and homeowners alike due to their warm and visual characteristics, especially in divisions such as the bathroom and kitchen.


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Polished brass

5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware 4

This is one of the most fashionable finishes to use in cabinet hardware and it is rather adaptable to most styles, especially modern and contemporary designs. Its gold tones are best contrasted with dark cabinetry. When it comes to traditional or rustic home decor, antique brass is a more viable solution.

Brushed Nickel

5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware 5
Image courtesy of Liberty Hardware

Hardware pieces that benefit from this finish have a high polished tone to them and its silvery tones offer a sense of warmth to one’s decor. In regards to kitchen design, this is one of the most appreciated finishes and blends perfectly with textural surfaces or darker furnishings.

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5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware 1
Image credit to Alec Hemer

If you are looking for a more retro aesthetic that is both sophisticated and functional, then opting for cabinet hardware that features chrome finishes is a good way to go. This standard finish highlights a polished surface which creates a rather beautiful dramatic accent and reflects light. Hardware with a chrome finish is best paired with neutral-colored cabinetry.


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Rose gold

5 Timeless Design Finishes Perfect for Cabinet Hardware 2

Regarded as the new neutral, Rose gold is a mixture between gold and soft pink. Over the years, this finish has gained a lot of popularity in interior design not only due to its visual appeal but also it’s natural and ethereal like properties, not to mention, that it effortlessly adds an extra layer of opulence to an interior space. It also works extremely well with other metals, so it’s rather easy to mix and match as you please.

Stainless steel

Image courtesy of Belwith Keeler

Best known for being highly durable and easy to care, this finish has a sleek and contemporary feel to it that makes it quite the stylish addition to bathroom or kitchen hardware. cabinet hardware, cabinet hardware, cabinet hardware

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