Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition  – Looking for some nature inspiration for your decoration? One of PullCast‘s most iconic collections will give the trendy twist that you need for your decoration. Entitled Texture, this collection seeks to demonstrate how astounding nature truly is by paying homage to its various patterns and textures and transforming them into exquisite ornamental designs for the home.

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Ready to feel the texture inspirations?

When we are thinking of creating or redecorating a room, we always think first of how we want the furniture to be and what objects we want to include, we create a whole design and often forget about the secret weapon to any design: Textures and Patterns.

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

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This year, one of the biggest trends for interior design is natural decors, from colors to textures. The embracing nature trend honors the fauna and flora creations all over the world with inspired pieces that perfectly resemble the miraculous nature.


Texture Collection

Discover the best hardware pieces to adorn your house decor with this unique trend


Larch TE6004

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

Larch was inspired by the effect of an evergreen tree and the brilliant color of a deciduous tree. With a texture of needled conifers, this piece reminisces the look of evergreens in the fall, with touches of golden and yellow.


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Larch TE6005

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

With different size versions, Larch cabinet handle is perfect to give a natural touch to your furniture with the amazing texture and color.


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Larch TE6006

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

Sometimes we see a room that has lots of colors, amazing furniture, and decor items and still get the feeling that something is missing. Textures and patterns will elevate the overall experience of your design. After all, these two details are what make any room pop when properly applied, creating the perfect space that will make your eyes brighter.

Texture inspirations

Welcome the Macri hardware family

Macri TE6001

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

Macri takes after the beautiful textures of nature. Mimicking the patterns of a tree that grows tall, aiming to the sky. This piece has charming lines that will provide delicate features to your interior design.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


Macri TE6002

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

Compared to other styles of cabinet knobs or pulls, when it comes to aesthetics and overall decor, textured hardware certainly makes space feel more interesting and substantial.


Coastal Coral Beach House

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The end of the texture inspirations

Macri TE6003

Texture Inspirations: Trends Edition

While simplicity may be the norm for most in decoration, sometimes introducing the extra little dramatic accent can certainly bring a whole level of edginess to a space, case in point, textured hardware. This was the principal basis behind this exquisite collection of decorative hardware, which is comprised of a total of six pieces so far.


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