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Contemporary Design: Minimal Australian Beach House by Rob Mills

Contemporary Design: Minimal Australian Beach House by Rob Mills ⇒ The renowned Australian architect, Rob Mills, has recently completed the interior architecture of an astounding organic and tactile Australian house that combines clean lines of a contemporary concrete house with the warmth of a beach house.




In today’s article, PullCast Blog explores the outstanding contemporary design of this extraordinary home. Highlighting a sort of minimalist aesthetic, this six-bedroom house was built on a steeply sloping site between ocean and woodland and is divided over three stories.


Contemporary Design Minimal Australian Beach House by Rob Mills_5
Image credit to Caitlin Mills


The house adheres to two different characters: a concrete section and a more in connection with nature section. The first one houses the minimalist bedrooms whereas the second one highlights, for instance, the generous living room.


Image credit to Caitlin Mills


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Image credit to Caitlin Mills


“It is a glazed pavilion which allows you to live in two quite different environments at the same time, a unique wilderness experience where the ocean below and the forest above become integral elements.”


Image credit to Caitlin Mills


In order to make the most idyllic and serene possible, Mills opted to go with more natural textures, materials, and colors, including concrete surfaces complemented by whitewashed wood and monochrome furnishings, granting a more subtle and calm design.


Image credit to Caitlin Mills


This serene aesthetic continues to the outdoors. Stucco surfaces were purposely placed there to match the light color of the local tree bark as Mills explains, “The design respects the environment it is nestled within. If it was rich in color, the connection to the outdoors would be lost.”


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