“Our team of designers and master craftsmen work with a combination of techniques, materials and finishes
to deliver pieces that perfectly complement your Hotel, Restaurant, Retail or Interior Design Project

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If you have an idea, we can design and develop a concept of your product and can help you present to your client bringing your design to life. We can assist you with the technical aspects and will guide you through materials, manufacturing options, dimensions and finishes.


Once the Design is Approved our designers will outline estimated pricing to determine if this fits within the project budget. The delivery fee will be discriminated so you can evaluate the full cost of your piece. - 100% Whilst we do not have a minimum order quantity, in this stage we will discriminate the cost per quantity of all the pieces you required.


During the design process we will keep you updated Sharing images and pictures, or even a fully functioning finished brass prototype for you to sign off with your client.


Once your products have been made, they will undergo rigorous quality control checks before being packaged up and dispatched to your address. Pictures will be send during the process so you can follow the ordering process.